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Transformed: Cornwall General Practice Flourishes with a Serene Well-Being Garden

In our busy schedules, finding the time to step away from the desk can sometimes feel like an elusive goal. However, staff members from Rame Group Practice in the beautiful Cornwall region shared an innovative way to enhance their staff well-being while also creating a more inviting work environment. By utilising the surrounding open space, they transformed an area that was less traveled into a flourishing wellbeing garden, making it another interesting place to visit while they are at work. This article explores their inspiring project and we thank them for sharing their story with our us at gphealthandwellbeing blog.

A practice garden can bring a wide range of benefits – from connecting people with each other, to providing that needed time in nature, there is an untapped potential of our surrounding outdoor space. Its perfectly ok if your practice isn’t able to have a flourishing fauna and flora, there are other ways like going to a park close to your location. See our blog post on health and wellbeing tips.

The introduction of the well-being garden has had a profound impact on the work environment. The practice building is situated in shallow slop from where you can over look the natural landscape in the horizon, the garden now offers a vantage spot to enjoy the view. Its a retreat for the staff during their breaks or moments of stress. The vibrant colours, gentle scents, and the harmonious sounds of nature provide a welcome respite from the demands of their daily routines.

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The staff members took pride in their hands-on involvement throughout the project. They freely volunteered their weekend time to discuss, planned the garden’s development and executed it to a beautiful finish. This provided an opportunity to work together and getting their hands dirty was part of the deal, it was a break from the usual patient facing activities that filled their work life. They not only created a physical space but also made time to have a laugh creating fond memories for all involved.

The area was cleared, floor padded with cardboard and dried wood shavings layered over to give it a uniform earthy look. Some assembled the garden bench while others erected a cul-de-sac of vibrant flower beds of their favourite flowers. The team thoughtfully introduced bird feeders as they anticipated that the garden would attract birds, butterflies, and other insects, creating a natural ecosystem of its own for them to enjoy.

woman holding bird feeder
staff working and happy

The resounding success of this transformative well-being garden at Rame Group Practice, Cornwall, serves as an inspiring example of the power of teamwork and the commitment to add some nature time in our busy lives. The managers/partners thank all those who gave up their time to join in making the project a reality. This project was proudly supported by Cornwall’s Primary Care Climate Resilience Programme, a team dedicated to climate awareness in primary care and beyond. Read more here.

We invite you, our esteemed reader, to share your own well-being initiatives and projects. Send us your story and pictures, we’d love to have you on as our next guest practice. Speaking of gardens, if you’re visiting Cornwall in the summer, or looking for inspiration for your own garden makeover, take a look at the online resource at the Great British Gardens. Our favourite is The Eden project near St Austell.

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